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Does your child attend a school in the Metro Atlanta GA area? School Security is a top priority for parents, elected officials, teachers, Police, and the Fire Department. School should be a safe place for your child to grow and learn. Worrying about physical security and electronic security at your school should be the last concern. You have enough to worry about with other security services at home or your business. However, emergencies do happen! Is your school system prepared? Sandy Springs Locksmith® can quickly equip your school with an emergency barricade device

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We always recommend upgrading to access control. You can remove and provide access to certain personnel at will.


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Typically, a school will require strong locks due to all the students and foot traffic. Doors, Door Closers, Hinges, and Locks can take a beating. That goes for public school locks and private school locks. Regular maintenance is key if you want your locks to last a while. Buying new school locks is a big investment but organization can make a huge difference in an emergency. When you buy school locks, consider IC Core locks. This allows the core of the lock to be removed and replaced easily should you ever need the locks to be rekeyed. IC Core locks are highly recommended by commercial locksmiths such as Sandy Springs Locksmith®. Security at schools can be upgraded in many ways. Call us to see how we can help.

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