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When you need a safe place to go, and need a panic room, we’re here to help.

Safes add security and peace of mind for residential and commercial customers in Atlanta.  We sell and service safes and vaults, which we can also deliver and install for you. These safes come in different types and sizes that include: fire safes, burglary safes, jewelry safes, gun safes, floor safes, deposit safes, TL-15, wall safes, TRTL-30×6, and TL-30 safes. Your safe can come with a combination dial, electronic lock, or a dual control lock that requires both the combination to be entered, and a key to be used.

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Panic Room Locksmiths

We specialize in installing or retrofitting panic room doors into your home or business.


365 Days a Year

Call us anytime for 24 Hour Emergency Panic Room Door service.  We can also work on house locks, business locks, and car locks.


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We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We take security seriously and we have been verified to prove it.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy and safe! With a hardened door, window reinforcement, and better physical security, you’ll be very satisfied with our work.

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Trusted and Dependable Safe Experts

If you want to improve home security, we can provide you with products and locksmith services that can aid in door and window reinforcement.  At Sandy Springs Locksmith®, we offer products that aid in kick-in prevention.  The average residential door is not built to withstand a solid kick from an intruder.  Fortunately, we offer the Strikemaster II Pro and Night Lock Door Brace!  These products will enhance security at the doors weakest points which are at the lock strike plate and door hinges.

Where else can intruders attack your home and defeat home security?  Window security is extremely important.  We offer window security film that will add a layer of security to your existing glass windows.  Our goal is to implement an extra layer of security which we call “target hardening”.  Target hardening adds a physical security blanket on top of your electronic detection tools to buy you time to react and for the authorities to respond.

Contact our team of security professionals today to come to your house and do a survey to identify all potential weak points that an intruder would attack.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Call Sandy Springs Locksmiths® in Atlanta, GA today and let our Panic Room Door team go to work for you.